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New and used Riley parts and equipment
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New spares for Rileys are made around the world. Many are made by the NSW Club.
We have 4 containers filled with second hand parts, and can recondition to order.
The RMCA has everything you need to keep your Riley running well.
Not sure what model you have? Click here for photos.

Riley photos by years

We use a simple system for identifying parts. Where possible the part numbers are those in the Work­shop Manual (e.g. K6.20= page K6 item 20).
Where no Manual reference is possible, the chapter heading from the Workshop Manual is used and RMCA with a following number is used (e.g. KRMCA 01 where K = front suspension). If there is no picture with a number a Club number is given (e.g. RMCA 01).
Please use this when requesting a part. 

Rileys come in various shapes and sizes. Yes, this is an Australian railcar with a Riley V-twin engine. If it is a Riley, the club can help….

We have an excellent supply of new and second-hand parts. New parts arrive constantly and the button below gives a useful list (which may not be up to date). Contact us if you need help.
Do you have a postwar Riley? Click on the RM Club button below for the guide from the Riley Motor Club in the UK.
For pre-war cars see the Riley Register site button for spares ideas. Or click on ‘Blue Diamond’ for inspiration.
You need to join a Riley Club to get access to parts.

NSW Club spares
RM Club spares
Prewar spares
Blue Diamond UK

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