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The Riley Motor Club of Australia was started in 1955, and well over 60 years later is still motoring along. Anyone with an interest in Rileys can join the Club. Other Riley Clubs are shown further down this page.

Visitors are always welcome and we usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month (but check first). Fine food is consumed, drinks are enjoyed and yes, there is even talk about Rileys. If you do not have a Riley yet, we have a guide for you on the ‘Help’ pages.

A bi-monthly magazine is posted out, as long as the Editor has enough interesting material.

An elected mixed management committee works on your behalf. The committee meets formally on the third Tuesday each month. The President usually chairs this meeting and minutes are kept.   The Riley Gazette is the source of Riley lore for our members, but sometimes takes the road less traveled.

You’d be right when you say there is not much news on new Rileys. The occasional false announcements out of BMW who own the marque aside, we don’t expect a new model. The character of our cars can’t be built today. The thrill of driving a an old cars is gone. They don’t even leak oil satisfactorily.

The button below shows a member and his restoration on a postwar car.

Work on an RMA
The Riley Committee

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The committee is an experienced voluntary group, elected annually by members.
Some of them have yet to use email on a regular basis (Too busy, one of those passing fads like having starter buttons inside a car instead of a crank handle..)

Vice Presidents

Keith Walker 0477 423 704
Graham Gunn 0404 063 475
Neil Patrick  0402 079 322

Secretary Graham Gunn 02) 9484 7036

Woodwork Expert

Keith Philip 02) 9888 1246


David Mayes  0418 220835

Editor and web site
Want to email us?

Phil Soden 0419 227785

Paul Baee  (0409 131 808) knows all about fixing Rileys. Better still, he is always happy to help, and the parts all come with the advice and encouragement to help you with your repair or restoration. Leave a message and he’ll get back to you.


If you have a Riley, we have the parts and expertise to keep it running well.

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