Online Riley Library

Lindsay Stephens has built this, and it is the most comprehensive source of Riley material you’ll find.

Finding what you want.
The on-line library is set up as a filing cabinet and I hope it is easy to find what you want by following the instructions on the home page. However, being a Google site it does have their ultra-fast search tool which is at the very top right of all pages and you can use this to search for something you can’t find. To make this work better I have added descriptions of subject matter where I think the book title may not be descriptive enough.

Riley online library

On this site you’ll find many rare or unavailable books for the Riley community.

Online Library catalogue

NSW Library

Members can borrow Riley books. Please e-mail George at . Books are on loan for a month. If you can’t pick up  from a Riley meeting the books can be mailed. You need to pay in advance for registered postage and packaging and of course, return has to also be registered.

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